Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye occurs when the eye does not produce tears properly, or when the tears are not of the correct consistency and evaporate too quickly.

In addition, inflammation of the surface of the eye may occur along with dry eye. If left untreated, this condition can lead to pain, ulcers, or scars on the cornea, and some loss of vision. However, permanent loss of vision from dry eye is uncommon.

We can help you determine what's bothering your eyes and take steps to relieve the irritation. Our optometrists may recommend artificial tears or omega 3 supplements and will provide you with information on which formulas are most effective.  Additional treatments such as prescription medications, punctal plugs, and protective eye wear may be considered after a complete assessment of your ocular surface health is completed.  Dry eye syndrome is a serious medical condition and can result in long-term damage to the corneal surface.  Proper management of this disease will allow for improved vision and comfort over your lifetime.

Lenses & Frames

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